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My name is Rebecca Rachel Burton
I was born April 6th, 1977
Proud Aries in every way.

To bring you up to date,
I am currently living
in Phoenix, Az. I have a great job as a
Medical Transport CSR for
Fresh Air Transportation
Things are looking good for me.
And I couldn't be happier!

I attended Imperial High School,
Class of '95. GO TIGERS!
Then Imperial Valley College for two years,
studying Computer Informations
and Human Relations.
Take a peek at my home back in California,
named (oddly enough) the Imperial Valley.
In the county of...
yeah you guessed it! Imperial County.
Where I was born and raised.
I had lived in Seeley since I was 5.
My Dad, Kenneth, passed away
Febuary 27th, 2005
But my Stepmom, Patti, still lives there,
My Mom, Janet, now lives in San Diego.
I'm the baby of the family.
I have one older Sister named Cindy
and she has 4 of the cutest kids in the world!
Alyssa (born in '89), Katlin (born in '94)
Ty (born in '96) and Kara (born in '97)
And an older Stepbrother, Ed,
who resently got married to Lisa
who has 2 girls of her own.
Jennifer and Britney.

My Best Friend Rowena lives in Imperial,
where we went to high school
and became friends for life!

After high school,
I met My Best Friend Ginger
while working together in
Holtville (Boo!*LOL*)
Now all 3 of us are friends!

I LOVE Music! I mostly listen to Hard Rock,
but I'll listen to just about anything.
Except Country, although,
I do like some of their love songs.
Who doesn't like love songs?

Friends are another big part of my life.
I LOVE and appreciate
each and every one of them. you hear laughing???
I think they're laughing at me!!!
Some friends they are!! *L*
I LOVE you guys!!!

Here are a couple of pictures
of me while I lived in Estes Park, Co.
I was there for about 5 months
during the summer of '97.

This is a photo of (duh) Me in the Rockies
(Rocky Mountain National Park).
And that is a very real ledge! I'm not
smiling... I'm gritting my teeth! *LOL*

Me Again! This waterfall was created after
an avalanche...Wonder if I should have been
standing there! *S* Still Very pretty!