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Below is the HTML fragment for the Under The Arizona Sky Ring.
If you have trouble with the emailed code,
cut and paste the code below into your page.
If you use THIS code, you must do the following:

Replace the words ***SITE ID***
with your site ID number.

Replace the words ***SITE EMAIL***
with your email address.

Replace the words ***SITE OWNER***
with your name.

<!-- Begin Under The Arizona Sky Ring --> <CENTER><TABLE BORDER=4 CELLSPACING=3 CELLPADDING=3 WIDTH="30%"> <TR> <TD> <CENTER><a href=""> <img src="" ALT="Under The Arizona Sky Ring" border="0"></a><p> <center> This <a href="">Arizona</a> site belongs to <a href="mailto:***SITE EMAIL***">***SITE OWNER***</a><BR> <br> [ <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next">Next</a> | <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next5">Next 5</a> | <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=prev">Previous</a> | <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=prev5">Previous 5</a> | <a href=";action=rand">Random</a> | <a href=";action=list">List</a> | <a href=";action=addform">Join</a> ] </td></tr> </table><br> <font size="2"><a href="">Powered by RingSurf</a></font> <!-- End Under The Arizona Sky Ring -->